Welcome to the Virginia Management Fellows program application!

Thank you for making the decision to apply. The Commonwealth of Virginia is and has long been a national leader in good management and governance. This program extends our current professional and executive talent pool through the proper training and preparation of Virginia’s next generation leaders.

About the Virginia Management Fellows (VMF) position

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Management Fellows (VMF) program seeks emerging leaders with the desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a willingness to commit to a 2-year fellowship of state-level service and learning. Applicants should demonstrate an interest in public service and volunteerism, and the capacity to work as both a leader and a participant in team efforts. Critical thinking is a sought-after skill.

Fellows participate in multiple seminars during the 2-year program, where reading of journal articles and government reports is required. Seminars focus on 4 themes: customer service; operations; legislation, regulation and compliance; and, analytics. These seminars culminate in small group presentations of knowledge and skills built. Fellows also participate in the Virginia Public Sector Leadership program of Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs and complete this leadership and management professional development certificate program during the 2-year fellowship. Learning state government in “real time”, Fellows work at three state agencies for 8-month periods. Rotations are supervised by highly-motivated and trained agency mentors.

Agency rotation assignments carry specialized job descriptions where fellows develop new skills in hands-on agency roles in the provision of state services, and meaningful connection points with agency executive leadership. During each of the three rotations, Fellows are required to complete an independent research project – including a detailed report and presentation – to address agency challenges and possible solutions. Fellows are placed in the first agency rotation based on educational, volunteer, and professional experience.

Fellows provide inputs for preferences regarding the other two agency rotation placements.


The VMF program is open to U.S. citizens who are interested in public service and dedicated to Virginia’s citizens. To be eligible for the VMF Program applicants must have graduated on or after May 2019 from an accredited institution with a Bachelor’s degree or demonstrate proof of a May 2022 graduation date. Master’s or PhD degree holders who completed their studies after May of 2019 or those who are currently enrolled as students in degree-seeking graduate-level programs, are eligible. That said, the Virginia Management Fellows program is a full-time position and requires significant independent reading and research beyond work hours. Current graduate students should consider the time commitment carefully before applying.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Please refer to the US Department of Education website at https://www.ed.gov/accreditation for a listing of accredited universities. Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

Preferred Qualifications: Interest in management, public administration, public policy, finance, accounting, human resources, public planning or program development. Prior experience in program design or operations or in customer service activities in a public service setting. Demonstrated research and analysis skills. Demonstrated team leadership or management skills Master’s degree or PhD in related fields.

Application Process

  1. Check back here for the 2022-2024 Virginia Management Fellow job posting. (We plan to announce the job application opening in early November.)
  2. Applications are due around the Thanksgiving time frame.
  3. Upload a cover letter including a statement of interest in the VMF program.
  4. Understand that degree confirmation and a background check are part of the application process.
  5. Note that incomplete applications are not accepted.
  6. Allow time for the panel to process applications, interview results, and letters of recommendation.
  7. Allow time for a panel of state and university leaders to schedule VMF candidates for an online interview.
  8. Resumes can be multiple pages. There is no page limit.
  9. Applicants do not have to provide letters of recommendation. (Optional: Applicants may submit references or letters of recommendation with the resume.)

Interview Process

  1. Expect the online interview process to include panel interviews, writing samples, and presentations.
  2. Due to the high volume of qualified applicants, it is typical to have 3 interview “rounds”: initial screening, essay submission, formal in-person 5-hour interview with panel.
  3. After interviewing, successful applicants will be asked to provide names and contact information of individual references.
  4. Letter of acceptance will be emailed. Commitment letter from the participant will be due within one week of acceptance. Waitlisted or unaccepted candidates will also be notified by email.
  5. Expect the announcement of the new cohort to be published on this site.

Questions should be emailed to the VMF program director:

Leisha LaRiviere, Associate Director of SPIA
Applied Research Campus – Richmond